Giving Back

The success of our practice depends on the success of our patients and their community. Learn more about Cairn Dental's community involvement.

Proudly Serving Golden, Colorado

Cairn Dental loves Golden, Colorado. Ensuring our patients receive great dental care is only part of the work we do at Cairn Dental. Our dentists and team take special effort to contribute to the improvement of our community through dental service. We apply our expertise in effort to ensure no individual goes without dental care, no matter how significant their need. Committing our time and ability the improvement of our community is one way we can ensure our patients and their families can share in our success.

Our team participates in a variety of charitable organizations to benefit our local community. Our dentists and staff are contribute to the Dental Lifeline Network, The Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM), Epic Experiences for Cancer Survivors, and the Denver Street School. These various organizations allow us to apply our expertise to benefit our community in ways that go beyond providing great dentistry for our patients throughout Golden and the surrounding areas.

We all know someone who has limited resources and desperately needs dental care that they simply cannot afford. I want to share with you an event that I participate in yearly. Colorado Mission of Mercy ...

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Most people probably see this post and think, “seriously? I’ve been brushing for years, I know how to do it just fine!” The problem is – you don’t. Properly brushing the teeth ...

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Visiting your dentist at least twice a year is extremely important to your oral health. A couple of quick visits to check in typically end up being a lot less costly than going in only when you have an ...

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