Family Dentistry

In Golden, Colorado, our family dentists, Dr. Brad Berryhill and Dr. Charles Miller, and the team work together to provide expert general dental care for our patients and their families.


General Dentists Focused on Family

Your dentists at Cairn Dental in Golden, Colorado, Dr. Brad Berryhill & Dr. Charles Miller, work to consistently provide exceptional dental treatment for patients and their families. Be a part of the Cairn Dental family. Are all of your family’s dental care needs being met? We’re ready to help you and your family simplify regular dental checkups, teeth cleaning, and more. As your dentist’s office, Cairn Dental is focused on caring for your smile. But we also care about the smiles of your family. Why schedule appointments with multiple dentists for you, your spouse, and your children? Simplify your dental treatment schedule.

Cairn Dental provides comprehensive general dentistry for you and your family. Regardless of age or current oral health status, the dentists and dental professionals at Cairn Dental are prepared to help you restore your smile and improve your overall health through great dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions
Arrow IconWhat makes Cairn Dental a 'family dentist?'

We understand and respect the needs of our patients and their families. It can be difficult to schedule the appointments, manage the timelines and stay on top of dental care for an entire family. Cairn Dental simplifies dentistry for families — we can treat you, your spouse, and your children all together, making your dental checkups a breeze. Our dentists can also help educate your children about the value of exceptional oral hygiene. It is our scheduling flexibility and our commitment to providing your family with the best possible dental care, that makes Cairn Dental a family dentist you can depend on.

Arrow IconWhat are some common necessary dental procedures?

The most common dental treatments include teeth cleaning, dental examinations, and dental x-rays. Filling cavities, dental crowns and other complex dentistry is reserved for special situations. Procedures that are not absolutely necessary for oral health are considered “cosmetic dentistry.” Cairn Dental offers a full range of general dental care, focused on providing necessary treatments that directly impact your oral and overall health. We love helping your teeth and gums be as clean and healthy as possible.

Arrow IconHow often should I visit the dentist?

For many years, dentists recommended patients have two regular dental checkups each year. This was based on a “best guess” recommendation that may have actually come from a dental ad. Although this is a useful rule-of-thumb, our dentists recommend dental visits be scheduled based on each patient’s individual need. Patients with different oral hygiene habits or medical conditions may need more or fewer dental checkups depending on their health.